Celebrate National Girlfriends Day

national girlfriends day

I'm lucky to have an amazing group of girlfriends. We're scattered throughout the East Coast, and probably only see each other a few times a year. And, yet, I rarely feel disconnected or far or lonely. One group text message--a simple lament about a parenting problem or the need for a zillionth cup of coffee in the morning sparks a seemingly endless series of responses. It's the best. Every time I hear my phone "ding,"I smile. It's great to know your loved and supported by your besties...

Today is National Girlfriends Day--and while I celebrate my gal pal relationships 24/7, I want to make a special effort to make the most of it, share my girlfriend gratitude, and make plans for a ladies' night (or even weekend!) out!

Got a group of girls you love? Here are five fun and creative ways to honor your girlfriends!

Plan a Girlfriends' Getaway

girls trip

I have two words for you: Spa Time! Book a room at a local spa resort and get away for the weekend. Facials, a non-couple couples' massage, pool time, and cocktails are just what the doctor ordered.

Sushi, Wine, and Real Housewives

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Lucky enough to have your best friends within driving distance? Have a sleepover! We're talking popcorn, sushi, wine, ice cream, pajamas, and Real Housewives. (The Bachelorette works too!) Guilty pleasures all the way.

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Snag Coordinating Styles

Remember when you used to coordinate your outfits with your bestie in elementary school? Channel that silly spirit, and embrace a more matchy mantra. Even matching pajamas for your PJ party are playful and fun. You'll be like two (or three or four or five!) peas in a pod--ready for their Instagram feeds.

Call a Babysitter

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PJs are a great and all, but sometimes Mama needs to cut loose. Call a sitter, make a ressie, and remember what it was like to hang before kids. We're talking cocktails, dancing (yes, dancing!), and

Have a Family Date

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Can't separate from the kids? One of the greatest joys of my female friendships is watching our children form their own relationships. It's like having a bunch of cousins, and I love that my kids get to grow up with my friends as family. So shlep the kids to a "home base" and co-parent all together. A few pizza pies, a cartoon movie, and a big campout in the living room.

How to Celebrate #NationalGirlfriendsDay

Nothing like getting the girls together! Happy National Girlfriends' Day!

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