Celebrate Life with Anna from Codorníu


Don't save the bubbly for the holidays. I'm encouraging you to stock your fridge with a few tasty bottles of bubbly and celebrate the everyday. A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Codorníu vineyards. For 450 years this Spanish brand has been making scrumptious wines. While you might first think of Champagne and France when you think of bubbles, Spain offers some unexpected and wonderfully affordable options.

I sat down with Bruno Colomer Martí--the Head Winemaker at Codorníu. He walked me through the unique soil of Spain and how the lovely chardonnay grapes are perfect for creating delightful Cava.


Affordable, accessible and delightful, these wines are made for drinking with friends and sharing a meal. During my tasting in NYC I was treated to three varieties. I want to share two of my discoveries in the hope that you'll pop open one this weekend.

This wine seems to be made for the modern multi-tasking mom. The Anna wines are made to be savored immediately. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy this wine or to feel guilty about opening up a pricey bottle mid-week. This wine is about making the most of little moments--small spaces in your life for joy.

Anna de Codorníu:A classic, juicy, lovely wine. The acidity is perfect for pairing with everything from spicy seafood to a light salad to a quick stir fry. Forget about saccarine sweetness. This balanced wine is all about clean, fresh taste. Expect to pay around $14.99--the perfect price for a bottle to share with friends this weekend. This is the #1 selling Cava in Spain. It's time for America to discover it!

Anna de Codorníu Rose: Rose is very trendy right now. Made with a blend of pinot and chardonnay this wine is extremely elegant. It's a taste that rolls around your mouth and is perfectly uplifting. Expect to pay around $14.99--this is a wine you'll want to bring to your next girl's night out.


Cava is an affordable luxury. The bubbles and flavor can salvage ho-hum day. Experimenting is trendy! For more information visit www.codorniu.com

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