Celebrate Grandparents


I don't know if I could do this montherhood thing without the support of my mom. Yep, my dad is a trooper too, but my mom plays hours of dress up and will change the toddler's poopy diaper. Plus, she taught me how to cook, sew and write. That's why I plan to mark 9/13 on the calendar. It is Grandparents Day.

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The folks at Grandparents.com are getting ready for this holiday with a contest. It's easy (I completed my entry in about 5 minutes). Go to www.grandparents.com/extraordinary. When you are done, Grandparents.com will send them a congratulations e-mail telling them you nominated them (and you'??ll get some brownie points!). The top nominees will be featured on their site and five winners will get to make a donation of $500 in their name to a school of their choice (any school counts- doesn'??t matter if it'??s a nursery school or a college). Contest ends 8/15; finalists are announced on 8/28.

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