Cast CoverZ: Fashionable and Fun Cast Covers


Wearing a cast isn't fun - especially for a kid but Cast CoverZ: Fashionable and Fun Cast Covers, are changing the way kids look at broken bones. Cast CoverZ have discovered a way to make healing fun with their fashionable and functional casts for arms, legs, and even fingers.

Created by Annette d. Giacomazzi, a mom whose then 10-year-old daughter broke her humerus (large bone in the upper arm), who then made a cover and sling and accidentally created CastCoverZ. Their mission to create "fun and functional products that comfort orthopedic patients" grew where they now offer their branded products called BootGuardz!, Legz!, Gutterz!, Armz!, Cuffz! and much more. This also includes a connection to bright and vibrant prints and patterns featuring zebra prints, flowers, polka dots, tie-dye and more.

Not only about fashion, they are also functional work by keeping casts and orthopedic devices clean, inhibits odor, prevents snagging and scratching, are interchangeable (right or left arm/hand or leg/foot) and are latex and allergen-free and medical-grade quality. They also offer a custom fitting that can coordinate with a special outfit (weddings or prom, etc) - check out their Custom Coverz! page for more details.

A friend of Momtrends recently had an injury and their son tested out a Cast CoverZ cover during week three of his six weeks of wearing a cast. The parents weren't sure what their son would think of them - since he was no longer in pain and the frustration and the novelty of the cast were behind him. They remarked how much fun it was to watch their son "light up when he saw the Cast CoverZ package (even though he still didn't really know what it was!). The parents added, "He quickly figured out how to put it on, and went straight to the mirror to see how it looked. He was grinning from ear-to-ear, so smug and pleased with how exciting his 'new' cast was."

They added, "Aside from just giving him a little emotional boost (much more fun to have people fawn and say how cool his cast is then to have them look worried add ask how he hurt himself, poor thing), it also helped him sleep a bit better as the smooth fabric prevented the cast material from sticking to his blankets." They also remarked how it gave him a 'finished' appearance to his raggedy cast by providing a "nice clean, fresh look!" They added, "we've been imagining a future use for the Cast CoverZ... as an arm gator for skiing!"

An incredible cast cover system, Cast CoverZ is wonderful for kids who have to wear casts by appealing to their sense of fun with their innovative designs and functionality by helping them heal.

Momtrends was not paid for this Cast CoverZ: Fashionable and Fun Cast Covers post.

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