Butch & Harold's New Stickr Pockets

stickr pockets

Those crazy kids, Butch & harold, have done it again and created a new stickr. We went ga-ga over their stickr frames, smiled over their stickr trains and applauded their stickr corners. Now, check out the new stickr pockets, the first removable and reusable stickers that hold receipts, recipes, to-do lists, invitations and all those important pieces of paper that you usually lose.

We all get excited about Pinterest and ways to update and organize our desks, but most of the solutions are time consuming and expensive. We want fast solutions to tame the clutter.

I'll be sticking stickr pockets above my desk for invitations and business cards, next to the phone in the kitchen for menus and messages and in our mudroom (my basement, but I call it a mud room) for coupons and receipts. (Oh, my husband could use some, too. He's the one leaving little pieces of paper around the house!).

These are also great for temp offices like We Work or shared spaces where you can't put holes in the walls (hello dorm rooms) but you still want to personalize the space. This is a cheap, cheerful and easy way to update your space.

Each package includes three stylish stickr pockets (10 1/2 inches x 10 1/2 inches), labels and a dry erase pen. Butch & harolds stickrs won't harm your walls. If you change your mind, just peel and replace! Purchase the stickr pockets at Butch & harold and maybe buy a few more stickr products while you're at it! (Did you see the stickr frames now come in pink? Love!). Shop on Amazon.com 3 for $14.95.

Have you tried them? Let us know in a comment if you find our reviews helpful and inspiring.

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