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Join me and the team from Bloglovin for a special twitter party just for bloggers!

#BloglovinBoss Twitter Party
Tuesday, April 26th
Hosts: @momtrends @bloglovin
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Follow #BloglovinBoss and hear tips about turning your blog or social media account into a business. Each month, Bloglovin brings on a different expert, this month I get to host!

Tools you need for success
How to make professional partnerships
Goal setting
Growing your community

I feel really prepared and psyched about this party because I am using all these tips in my new book #MomBoss (you can get on the #MomBoss newsletter here). The book will be out in September, but you'll get a first look at the information I'll be sharing.

Have you heard of Bloglovin? Bloglovin' is the leading destination for readers to discover and consume fashion & lifestyle content by their favorite bloggers on web, mobile and via email. You can follow Momtrends here to keep up with all the lifestyle action.

Bloglovin' is a feed. I get emails from Bloglovin' serving up the latest from blogs I follow. It looks like this:

bloglovin feed

These feeds help you readers stay engaged and they help you stay on top of the topics you care most about.

And there's more news. This year Bloglovin' launched Activate. Activate is Bloglovin's chance to connect influencers and brands. They know how important and challenging it is for progressive brands and influencers to find each other. The Active network lets bloggers opt-in and has a reach of 300 million followers across social and blogs. Their mission is to bring transparency to the industry, help talented content creators come out of the shadows and into the influencer spotlight, and make it easy for brands to find and work with them on high impact campaigns.

Twitter is the meeting spot for a night of fun and excitement. Come one, come all, and tune in at 9pm EST.

Don't miss out! RSVP here and follow along with #BloglovinBoss! Prizing will be (5) $50 American Express Gift Cards.

join us at the twitter chat

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