Bring It Up Breast Lifts

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Motherhood takes it tool on boobs. Holiday dress up is upon us and we want to look great, so decided to give this brand a shot. With a name like Bring It Up, it is hard to resist!

These instant breast lifts are undeniably a hit, offering beauty and fashion solutions that lift, shape and support '??a must for the holiday season. When I received this product I was a bit skeptical '?? as I imagine many of you are. Let me ease your minds.

The Original Bring It Up disposable instant breast lifts ($19.99 - 8 pair pack) are an invisible, waterproof, hypoallergenic adhesive - that really sticks. They are applied to the top of the breast, not underneath, providing up to six inches of lift. They are available in sizes A-D.

I was really amazed to see how well they lifted and adhered. They are easy to apply and easy to remove; however, you may end up using one pair, as I did, to get it right. For best results cut the adhesive according to your cup size and avoid repositioning for better adhesion.

The Original Bring It Up disposable instant breast lifts are great with backless and strapless fashions for the holiday season. I am looking forward to wearing them with my strapless holiday dress and no bra.

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And for everyday use, they are perfect to wear with a bra or without. I wore them for an 8 hour day with a bra and enjoyed the extra support. I did not experience any irritation when I removed them.

The Bring It Up product line is expansive and the Original Bring It Up disposable instant breast lifts get the best rating from us.

In celebration of their 10 year anniversary, the company will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all Bring It Up products displaying the anniversary pink ribbon in support of Breast Cancer Research.

All Bring It Up products are available, major department stores and on

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