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 We here at Momtrends get to see exciting things and meet some interesting (if not sometimes wacky) people. At the new launch of BRGR on the Upper East Side in Manhattan we scored an invite to their exclusive party featuring foodies, chefs, and bloggers alike who most certainly fit that criteria. We learned the very important difference a grass-fed burger makes to taste and to our health.

The launch of BRGR's newest location in Manhattan was a total blast. Food aplenty and more samples than I could fit into my belly. I even got a shout out from my new blogging pal, Kelly Samardak (we can all thank her for this very flattering picture of me chowing down on a burger). Along with Kelly and a bunch of others, I had a chance to get some one-on-one time with CEO of BRGR Steve Leicht.

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Steve was a pleasure to meet (meat) and he discussed with me, in immense detail, about why a grass-fed burger (brgr) is substantially better than any other burger you'd buy at say, McDonald's. Grass-fed burgers, he strongly believes, not only taste better but are better for you. I admit, it's not your typical product; starting at $7.55 for their version of a basic burger (they call it a Beautiful Day BRGR), these tasty patties take slightly longer to cook, so if you're in a hurry, BRGR might not be the most convenient stop for you. We did thoroughly enjoy the Rainforest BRGR (Priced at $9.00, this concoction of Beef Patty + Gruyere + Avocado + Herb Mayonnaise + Lettuce + Tomato = total yum.)

It doesn't quite end there, however. BRGR is in conjunction with another farm that brings in all their dairy products who also only feed their cows grass. The milk from the cows goes into making some delightful milkshakes you should certainly try. We got to take "shots" of their vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry pomegranate shakes and we definitely give these two thumbs up. 

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The new location is very easy to get to, close to major subway lines and all your favorite shopping. So even if you're not a New Yorker, BRGR is a great place for you to know about the next time you plan to visit


1026 Third Avenue
(Between 60th and 61st St)
New York, NY 10065

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Momtrends was not paid for this post.
Unless you count brgr samples. 

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