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Scary breakfast fact: Sodas are increasingly the drink of choice and nowadays more kids are skipping breakfast entirely. That'??s why the Milk Mustache '??got milk?'? Campaign is sharing breakfast tips (and why Momtrends is teaming up with Kellogg's for a special event next month).

Children and teenagers are increasingly leaving the house in the morning without eating, and this growing trend of breakfast skipping could have public health consequences, suggests a new study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The '??most important meal of the day'? is often a non-meal: 20% of children and 32% of adolescents were found to be breakfast skippers.

'??If your kids don'??t make the most of this opportunity in the morning, then they'??ll likely not make up for it later in the day,'? said registered dietitian and blogger Liz Weiss, who is one of The Meal Makeover Moms, along with Janice Newell-Bissex. '??One of the best ways to be sure you'??ve got all their bases covered is to pour a bowl of cereal with low fat milk. It'??s not only easy, quick and affordable, but it'??s one of the most nutrient-rich choices you can make. If kids don'??t have milk in the morning, it'??s unlikely they'??ll get the three servings they need each day.'?

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The new study, which was conducted by researchers at the Agricultural Research Service Children'??s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine, found that children and teens who consumed ready-to-eat cereal for breakfast were more likely to have better quality diets and healthier weights. Here at Momtrends we love the focus on moms--doesn't Angie look perfect--beautiful yet, slightly overwhelmed?

The folks at got milk? have tips for getting the school year off on the right foot and building a strong family:
'?¢ Think ahead: After dinner, have one child clear the table and help with dishes as you (or another child) prep the table for the morning. Have him set the table with placemats, napkins, bowls, spoons and cereal boxes as part of your dinner wrap-up routine. When the alarm sounds in the morning, add lowfat milk to have a nutritious start to the day!
'?¢ Establish a '??Morning Zone'?: What does each family member need the next morning '?? and is it gathered up? Putting all critical items into an established '??morning zone'? can eliminate a lot of headaches during the morning rush. When the '??Zone'? is clear in the morning, your family is cleared for take-off.
'?¢ '??The talk'?: Use the night before school to have a heart-to-heart as a family about the new start to the year. Talk about goals for the year and all of the exciting lessons the kids will learn. Doing so will help increase excitement about getting back into the swing of things!

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Today (August 23) is the last day moms can test their '??breakfast IQ'? by taking a quiz at for the chance at great prizes that inspire kids'?? success. More than 50 daily instant winners will receive back-to-school prizes, including laptops, backpacks, LeapFrog educational tools and more. (Winners will have the option of donating the goods to a school of their choice, if they prefer, through Adopt-A-Classroom.)

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