Birthdays: Space Invasion


Have a Birthday Party that is out of this world! That's right a space theme is a big hit these days with boys or girls. Here is how to put together a party that will be having the kids asking to come back next weekend.

Party stores have space-themed party bundles. For example, the space odyssey kit from party city, will help you blast off to a great party! It comes with plates, cups, table cloth, a banner, plastic ware, invites, balloons, etc. They have 3 different packages ranging from $29.99-$99.99. For int invites you could make them look like official NASA letter stating that the child is requested to help in the mission to save the earth of aliens and to be part of the team of astronauts lead by the birthday boy/girl.

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You of course can'??t forget the goody bags and the loot that goes inside! Put some pop rocks and a certificate with their name in there so they have something to keep. You can buy the certificates or design one with a NASA logo on it. Grab a set of space stickers and put a few in. To put a twist in the bags, get some fact cards and put 2-3 in there. Some moon sand and an alien figure would top off the bags that they are all going to love. We also love the idea of aRocket Pinata.

You can make each child a badge as if they were part of the control panel at NASA as they walk through the door and are greeted by you.

For the activities, since the weather is still on the warm side, take the kids out and do a rocket launching. Have the kids countdown and you or the birthday boy could shoot a nerf rocket into the air. You can get nerf rockets at your local toy store or online. Also online, you can buy a cardboard spaceship from Simple Family Living and they care all pretend to '??walk on the moon, get a pair of your husbands or barrow a men's pair of snow boots and they can all take turns trying to walk.

If baking a tricky spaceship cake is out of the question get a spaceship cookie cutter and have the birthday boy or girl help you decorate them the night before. If you wanted to make a homemade cake, I do suggest doing a '??Moon Cake'? bake the cake in a glass bowl and ice it gray and take the back of a greased spoon and make impress in it, top it off with a astronaut figure but not before you make tiny footprints in it so it looks like he's taking a walk. If you are not into baking a cake, order a cake from your favorite bakery, toss on some astronaut figures and you're ready for a countdown to a memorable party.

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