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Seems like my timing is excellent: I get my new bike during National Bike Month. In honor of this celebration of fitness and fun, I'm sharing some fitness tips from

Dr. Richard Ezgur, DC offers these Riding Tips:

  • To prevent knee pain, keep your cadence high - about 80-100 RPM.
  • Change gears when appropriate - lower for uphill to maintain proper cadence.
  • As a beginner, you may find that you'll want your handlebars higher, but as you grow accustomed to riding, you will be able to tolerate a lower handlebar position.
  • To avoid neck, shoulder, wrist, and hand pain and numbness, use padded gloves, change your hand positions often, and keep your elbows unlocked and loose.
  • Warm up before riding by starting out at an easy pace with easy resistance, and then stretch after riding.
  • If increasing your mileage to complete, for example, a century ride, do so gradually over a period of several months.
  • Educate yourself about proper nutrition and especially be sure to drink enough water, and sports drinks when riding for more than two hours.

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