Best Indoor Playspaces in NYC

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Oh those rainy days. Sometimes being stuck inside your house isn't an option, so finding a playspace that is clean and safe can be a little tricky. There are plenty that offer spectacular deals-- full of unstructured supervised free play. But every now and then, you'll find a place that isn't what it says it is.

We went over to Little Explorers on Hoyt and Schermerhorn Street to see if they were as accommodating in person as they had been on the phone. Unfortunately, their utilities were less than acceptable. Hip-hop music was blaring through a boom box and there was a puddle of spit up on the stairs. The 'teachers' seemed nice enough, but no one was really doing anything. All the toys looked outdated and maybe a little unsafe. Needless to say, we looked and left.

So, not the best place to go, but here are some other options that have proven their worth:

Kids n Action

New York Kids Club


The Little Gym

Kids At Work

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If you've never been to an indoor play space, you'll have to do a little research to find out where these facilities are located as there are several all over the city. But once you find a space in your area, you'll become a regular indoor player super fast. Most of these spaces offer structured classes as well which can be "drop-off" or require adult participation. Some of course, require registration, but plenty of facilities which work on a drop-in basis in order to accommodate families. Giving your child a place to go that's a little different will build confidence--and muscles!

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