Best Fitness Machines for Moms

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I subscribe to Consumer Report's Shop Smart magazine. When I can't get a first-hand test in, I rely on this impartial magazine to test the latest gear and gadgets. Busy moms can't always find time to get to the gym or get outdoors during daylight hours. Home gym equipment can be a great investment in your health. Before the sands run out on Fitness Month, I wanted to share the findings for best tread mill and best elliptical trainer.

If you are training for a marathon or simply a busy mom who can only run at night, tread mills make sense. Workout while catching up on the news (or watching Glee!). The Shop Smart pick: the AFG 13.0 ($1800). It is billed as the most "runner friendly" out of the 37 gym machines the magazine tested.

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For a low-impact workout that burns plenty of fat and calories, you can't beat an elliptical trainer. The best bet:Sole E 35Of all the brands tested, they said this one is, "good for beginners as well as hard-core exercisers."

These are expensive purchases. Make sure to do your research before buying and don't let these pieces collect dust or become clothing hangers.

No one paid for this post and I have not personally tested either machine. I am simply passing along information from what I view as a trusted resource.

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