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Show me a modern NYC mom and I'll show you a woman in need of two things--more time and a bit of pampering. The Kiehl's 1851 Spa in Manhattan can giver her both (hint, hint, Mother's Day is a few weeks away!). We're all busy and focused on making memories at home, being meaningful contributors to our workplaces or communities and then maybe squeezing in time to nourish ourselves. Making time for great skin isn't at the top of the list.

But...why not?

This is the year of taking time back. This is the year of showing gratitude. You may have noticed we're trying to do MORE with LESS here at Momtrends. Fewer features, but focusing on sharing trends that will truly help moms. When a Kiehl's pitch arrived in my inbox, I was ready to hit delete, but because I'm a brand fan, something made me stop and open it. I was intrigued, not by a new product, but by the fact that Kiehl's had opened their first (and only) spa on the Upper East Side.

Kiehl's Spa decor

Like all things Kiehl's there's a quirky coolness about the place. The downstairs is a full-size shop, the spa is on the second floor. You'll see plenty of exposed brick with old-fashioned ads/murals painted on the walls for a modern effect. The spa isn't new-agey, fussy or funky with patchouli and incense. It's a crisp space--it's got a great vibe.

hydrating masque

I picked the Oxygen Infused Express Facial. The 30-minute treatment ($75) focused on cleaning, exfoliating and then hydrating. I was in and out in 30 minutes--really I rarely have time for a 90-minute treatment. I want high impact FAST. The therapist was amazing. She gave me an excellent head and neck massage as the masque she applied was working.

Express Facial Products Used

When I think of Kiehl's I think of fabulous ingredients. I've always loved the Kiehl's stores because the pressure to buy is low. The trick is they give you samples to try--which inevitably you'll love--then you come back for a happy purchase. I figured the spa was going to be a similar experience. Yep. I was right. No sales pitch. After my treatment, I was given a load of samples to try and sent on my merry way.

Rose Artica

Momtrends pick: Rosa Arctica Eye, An anti-aging, rejuvenating eye balm for younger-looking eyes.

Yes, there are plenty of full-length treatments, and if you've got the time I bet they are fantastic (I do mean to try the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial on another visit). There's also massages, waxing, and brow and lash services.

And here's the result. No makeup, just glowing skin.

Kiehl's Spa Review NYC

They call it "Spa 1851" --named after the founding year. The treatments all use high concentrations of natural ingredients. My skin looked amazing at the finish. Back to the gratitude we mentioned at the beginning. A Kiehl's treatment is a way of saying thank you to your skin. For the smiles, for the laughs, and for the kisses that land on your face from your little people. Take time to make your skin a priority at Kiehl's.

Book yours at or call 1-888-SPA-1851

Kiehl's Spa 1951
157 E.64th Street

This is not a sponsored post. The treatment was complementary.

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