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Crafty Easter Treats

Easter is one of the greatest holidays in terms of desserts and treats and sweets and cute candy-crafting creativity. I mean, the major Hallmark spin on Easter revolves around sugary goodies and bunny-shaped chocolates and everything pastel, pretty, and candy-coated. It's no wonder it's a Pinterest-fanatic's dream day.

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We like our spring-inspired sweets spreads to be equal parts aspirational and attainable here at Momtrends, so I've rounded up a few of our favorite treat ideas that are actually really easy to recreate! (No #PinterestFails here!) Because, Easter should be the ultimate Sunday Funday, and you shouldn't have to spend extra hours in the kitchen.

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Four Cute and Crafty Easter Desserts

  1. Easter Carrot Cupcakes were dreamed up years ago and still are a show-stopper, but not all the complicated to make. Perfect for a post egg hunt celebration.
  2. Rice Krispie Treat Bird's Nests this simple cereal treat looks wayyyyy more complicated that is really is. If there's a party at school or church, these are also easy to transport. Go ahead and claim the win! 
  3. Mandarin Bunnies are a healthy treat using naturally sweet fruit. You don't even have to turn the oven on for this one. The kiddos can even help "cook" this treat.
  4. Easter Bark from our friends at A fun way to use leftover candy. Plus anything with this much chocolate always gets our attention.


  1. Cutest and craftiest Easter desserts
  2. Make an Easter Fairy Garden
  3. DIY Easter Bunny Basket and Bunny Game


Use Pinterest to save your favorite entertaining ideas. Be sure to follow our Easter Pinterest board here.

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