Belching Beauty, Pregnant Unicorn


When I was on the sixth grade debate team, I gave my classmates last minute tips on how to properly sit and where to hold their hands. When I was in high school, the chaotic, ill-mannered behavior of my fellow classmates drove me mad. I've had a copy of Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette for years. Recently, I was cast on a TV show as - the prim and proper hostess - who must have everything in its place.

I'm a stickler for etiquette.

Now I'm the Belching Beauty, Pregnant Unicorn

So, you can imagine my dismay and horror when in week three of my pregnancy, I began to belch. Correction, I began to belch like a drunken sailor who doesn't give a damn.

In September, it got so bad, I was afraid of interacting with anyone. The earthquakes coming out of my mouth were hard to mask with a smile and a pretty outfit. Thank goodness I didn't book any TV appearances that month. I missed every single day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, including the chance to speak on my friends wonderful fashion panel.

The words "I'm sorry" and "excuse me" were uttered more often than you can imagine, despite my husband, mother and mother-in-law all telling me I had no reason to apologize. No reason?!?? I was repulsing myself.

By week ten, I was back in the own office regularly and it occurred to me that I belched less at work. As long I was constantly talking, I was ok. The air flow helped calm the beast within.

Week 12 rolled around and poof, the belching practically disappeared. Side bar: my energy also returned! Then, last week hit and it was back to the burping. In fact, I just let out another one! Maybe I should read these words as I type them?

As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. For those counting, I'm rounding out week 13. Second trimester, here we come!

Pamela Pekerman is a style expert, host and TV correspondent, who lives in New York with her husband, an extensive shoe/bag closet and a pending-to-be-designed baby room. Her personal motto is that looking good makes you feel good, so despite not being a Pregnant Unicorn, she always putting her best face and heel forward.

Momtrends was not paid for this Belching Beauty, Pregnant Unicorn post and no unicorns were hurt in the process.

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