Beauty Problems Solved

Beauty Problems Solved Get Better Hair

Do you wake up looking perfect every morning? Nope, neither does any other mom I know. We all have our tricks--things that work fast to get the beauty job done. And because here at Momtrends we love to share, we're sharing a few short-cuts that help us look our best in a jiffy. We're about real solutions for real mom beauty.


For me, hair maintenance is a big deal. Do you have long hair? Is it a hassle to wash, dry and style it. I'm in the same boat. If I over-wash it gets frizzy and dry. So I need quick solutions. Here's what works: Special hair accessories, a shower cap and a great dry shampoo.

There's more than just hair problems to solve. I teamed up with CVS Beauty Club and top style bloggers Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney to share tips for two other issues: Audrey shares her tips for getting the perfect brow and Vera shares dry skin solutions.

The best part? All these problems can be solved with one-stop shopping and without a ton of money. It's all about shopping smart at CVS.

Of course I love sharing my tips for getting a glow on the fast and easy way, but there's more help to be had. My local CVS has an amazing Beauty Consultant who has made it her mission in life to know all about the products at hand. Have a question about the best nail polish remover? At select stores, a CVS Beauty Consultant can help you pick from the dozens of brands they carry. They've been trained to know the latest and greatest about all things beauty. Think of them as your local beauty blogger in the cosmetics aisle.

For more beauty tips and tricks, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channels. And be sure to sign up as a CVS Beauty Club member (if you haven’t already) to receive the extra deals and savings!Sign-up hereYou’ll receive a 10% off beauty shopping pass just for joining! We can’t wait to hear how much you save by buying your favorite beauty products at CVS.


I’ve teamed up with CVS to bring you these great beauty videos.

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