Beauty Equation by Nigel Barker


'??What is beautiful,'? Nigel Barker'??s 3 year-old son asked his father. This simple, yet complex question became the catalyst for his new book, Beauty Equation. We had the amazing opportunity to meet Nigel and listen to him talk honestly and openly about his book, his life and his family. Best of all, we got the answer to the question.

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Nigel Barker is well known for his leading role as a judge and occasional photographer on America'??s Next Top Model, now in its 15th season. With a successful TV show and photography career, a stunning wife of 11 years, two wonderful children, and a life full of compassion, there was a hole in Nigel's life that needed to be filled - that hole being the question of beauty.

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Jessica Shyba ( and I feeling really beautiful after Nigel's inspiring talk.

Photograph by Bellamy Blue Copywrite 2010.

One would think that Nigel captures beauty photographing models everyday; however, a retouched model is NOT beauty. "Beauty is the essence of the individual," says Nigel. Each chapter in the Beauty Equation focuses on what is beautiful. Here is a glimpse:

Allure '?? the ability to entice, invite and attract others.

Confidence - to believe in your power and ability.
Compassion '?? to be aware of the world'??s troubles and do something about it.
Spontaneity '?? to be curious, creative, offbeat, magnetic and flexible.
Radiance '?? to enhance the brilliance of your inner glow.
Health '?? to boost your vitality through body image.

Honesty - to keep it real with integrity.
Charm '?? to make your personality sparkle, with words.
Energy '?? to vitalize your beauty through ambition.
Humor '?? to embrace the power of wit and repartee.

The Beauty Equation ($14.00 Amazon) is a fun, easy read with great photos and powerful messages. Visit to experience beauty from all walks of life, to upload photos and videos, and to engage in real conversations about beauty.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We loved meeting Nigel and getting a signed copy of his book though.

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