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Beauty & Beyond: Spring Beauty Finds

You are what you eat--a novel concept that I really don’t think has ever escaped us. But can food actually help you with your beauty routine? According to Kimberly Snyder it can. And no, I don't mean slathering your face with smooshed avo. Although that can be a delightfully hydrating masque.In her new book,The Beauty Detox Foods: Discover the Top 50 Beauty Foods That Will Transform Your Body and Reveal a More Beautiful Youthis top celebrity nutritionist and beauty expert shares her Hollywood program that keeps her clientele (think new mom Drew Barrymore, Owen Wilson and mom-to-be Fergie) in red-carpet shape. Eating and being beautiful? You have my attention, Kimberly.

Beauty Detox

The book begins with a section on her program principles for detox eating. She gives you tips on how you can free up energy and lose weight by changing the way you eat (e.g., more raw foods, fewer animal products, daily green smoothies, giving up dairy. That last one will be hard change for me to swallow.

Then she has a glossary of a ton beauty super foods that can help you to beautify your being. Discover how you can get wrinkle-free skin through pears or softer skin popping walnuts. For silkier hair, crunch on carrots, radishes and pumpkin seeds (a favorite of the Native American in the 1800s who boasted strong jet black shiny locks). Brighten up your eyes with blueberries and get rid of undereye bags by snacking on some celery. And I’m intrigued by the thought of cellulite busting ingredients like cilantro, buckwheat and parsley. Each section has a thorough breakdown of what each item has and what it does for you. Very handy, very easy to understand, very easy to apply.

Here's the fun part – she gives you over 85 recipes to turn your meals into quick fix beauty regimens. There's a raw falafel for soft skin, a Polish borscht for bright eyes, and cumin chili chickpea burgers for cellulite reduction. I’m obsessed with the Italian Eggplant Caponata (page 222), a vinegary all-veggie dish that I keep in the fridge to snack on. The apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are great for clear skin and the celery for eliminating undereye dark circles. The eggplant? Well, that just tastes great. And a smile is beautiful.

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Hand perfection. Something to aim towards, right ladies? I would like to point out that our eyes might be the windows to our soul but our hands can tell how long ago those windows were installed. Age show up in pesky spots, crepey texture and creases all over your skin. The goal is to reduces those and turn back the hands…so to speak…of time.

hands Collage

Hand Perfection System is a new kit that gives you a full day of hand nourishment and protection through creams and gels. The Nourishing Day Cream with SPF 15 protects hands from harsh elements like sunlight, cold weather and constant hand washing, while the Rejuvenating Night Cream gives beauty sleep true meaning by repairing damage. They have Olivem-1000 developed from olive oil to give you a protective moisture barrier and speed delivery of vital functional ingredients, hyaluronic acid to maintain elasticity, and shea Butter and Vitamins A, B, C and E to help condition the skin. A note about the night cream - I love that it's unscented. Too many times I've lathered on hand cream at night and, as I'm cuddling with my pillow as I drift into sleepytime, I become overwhelmed by the floral scents. Not relaxing at all.

Their Nail and Cuticle Pen is also a great addition to your daily hand care routine. The applicator is a soft sponge, different that most cuticle pens. It contains essential oils and nutrients that you draw on to improve brittle nails and jagged cuticles. There's Olive Fruit Oil, Evening Primrose, and Borage Oil rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 to help nails and cuticles look healthier, avocado Oil to help improve nail health, Sunflower Seed Oil to help protect and fortify nails, and Jojoba Oil with Omega 9 and Anti-oxidants to help promote nail health.

They boast a two-week turnaround time before you start to see noticeable results. If that's the case, I'll be the first one to give them a round of applause.

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