Baked By Melissa

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We've been treated to delightful little bites from Baked By Melissaat quite a few press events. Now we're hooked. Unlike a large cupcake--these baked goods offer zero guilt and all pleasure. Imagine our delight when we stumbled on the pop-up cupcake booth in SoHo last week.

Over the counter cupcakes? Now that's my kind of medication. What are these taste sensations? Baked by Melissa is a miniature dessert company famous for its miniature stuffed cupcakes. The tiny treats are moist and dolloped with the perfect amount of icing.

A little bite of heaven--we're not sharing so go get your own. And I'll add that these are one HOT birthday treat. Cupcakes go for $3 for 3. Each one is about a bite--don't ask us about the calorie count. And get this--they deliver via UPS. For more details visit

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Baked by Melissa

529 Broadway

New York, NY 10012

(212) 842-0220

*NEW*Union Square

7 East 14th St.


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