Back Up Better: Inexpensive Safety Solutions for Back-to-School


Back Up Better: Inexpensive Safety Solutions for moms. With our kids starting school in a few days, we have been thinking ways to get to school safety. I feel lucky that our school is down the block from our house, but many families drive or use the bus to take their kids to school. Although this is a quick way to get there, it is also a mode that can be dangerous where according to a study by a respected non-profit which focuses on child safety issues.

In the U.S. at least fifty (50) children are being backed over by vehicles EVERY week. Forty-eight (48) are treated in hospital emergency rooms and at least two (2) children are fatally injured... The predominant age of victims is'¦ 12-23 months. Over 60% of back up incidents involve a larger vehicle (truck, van, SUV)'? and, 'Tragically, in over 70% of these incidents, a parent or close relative is behind the wheel.'

This harsh reality is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of news articles on the subject, and many people don't even realize how unsafe it is to back up their SUVs when children are present.

In June 2010, on a lazy Saturday morning two neighbors met in a tire shop. The first one told the second some of these facts and was very passionate about this issue. He said, "I've got a great inexpensive solution for back overs. Come take a look; I installed it in my SUV. I've been giving away these for free to neighbors and friends for years. They love it and call me to ask for more for their other vehicles and their families and friends. I send them three or four more sets. I figure millions of people really need this. I just don't know how to get the word out."

A few weeks later, the nurse at a local nursery school where his wife worked was backed over in the parking lot by a parent in an SUV. The second neighbor called the first neighbor and said, "I'll help you get the word out."

That's how the company came to be. Two suburban dads wanting to help other parents avoid these terrible, but avoidable, accidents caused by vehicle blind spots.

What they offer are innovative vehicle safety products including Rear View Lens, Add-On Blind Spot Mirrors and Backup Alarms - all designed to both protect the driver and alert children when they are too close to a car that is backing up.

Available in two sizes, the Rear View Lens is a thin, flexible plastic lens that easily sticks on to the rear window of your car. How it works is it expands your sight far beyond the field of vision normally available through your rear window. This then enables you to see to greater than you normally would - allowing you to see closer to the rear of the vehicle, down, up, and to the left and right.

The Add-On Blind Spot Mirrors work by increasing your field of view behind and alongside your vehicle, virtually eliminating blind spots. Designed to triple your side view, they are easy to attach thanks to their Peel & Stick adhesive patches and really easy to clean - making it a quick and simple tool to really help you back up better. Finally, they offer Backup Alarms that create a very loud beeping noise when a car is pulled into reverse - this allows both kids and drivers to be alerted when a car is backed up. As Back up Better states, "this alarm can save a life."

With a wide-range of cost-effective safety products, we can all take our kids to school safety thanks to these innovative products from Back Up Better. Get more information on how to purchase here

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