Back to the Basics Strawberry Shortcake Party


We think a homemade party can rival the best (and most expensive) party spots in town. I threw a Strawberry Shortcake party for my daughter that was a big success. Follow my tips to create your own magical at-home experience for your birthday girl

Rather than hire entertainment, I decided to head back to the basics of birthday parties, the way I had them as a child--games, a craft, cake and presents.

When our little guests arrived (we had around 14 six and seven year old girls), we ushered them into the breakfast room where we had Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages and books for them while we waited for my daughter's friends.

When our full contingent of party goers had descended on my house, we sat down in the living room and read Meet Strawberry Shortcake. In the book, Strawberry Shortcake takes a trip through Strawberryland to get goodies for Apple Dumpling's birthday party. Along the way, she meets the other characters, makes friends, and thus has a lovely party for her baby sister. Once we finished the story, I asked the girls if they wanted to take a trip through Strawberryland to help celebrate Faith's birthday. The answer was a resounding yes.

We first went to "Cookie Corners" (my kitchen) where Strawberry first meets Gingersnap and is able to get cookies for her party. We gave each girl a paper plate with their own sugar cookies and had stations of sprinkles out for them to decorate each one.

Next, we went to "Cakewalk" (back to the formal living room, while the amazing friend vacuumed the sprinkles from all the tiny crevices in my tile). Strawberry meets Angel Cake here and is able to get a cake for Apple Dumpling. We played a cakewalk style game (similar to musical chairs) to Faith's Strawberry Shortcake CDs. The girls danced until the music stopped, then hopped on a number. I drew a number and we had a winner. Then we moved to the front foyer where "Pin the Berry on Strawberry Shortcake" ($1.99) was set up. Nothing like the classics.

Finally, we headed to "Huckleberry Briar" (my formal dining room). Here, Strawberry meets Huckleberry Pie and he helps her make party hats for the birthday. I had the table set with party hats and plenty of jewel stickers for the girls to decorate, so they each had a Strawberry Shortcake style hat to wear.

By the time they finished decorating their hats, it was time for cake (decorated with Strawberry Shortcake herself) and ice cream. We sent the girls home with an appropriately themed party favor: Strawberry Shortcake bento boxes filled with Strawberry Shortcake pens, hair pretties, socks and bubble baths. (Thank you Target Dollar Spot and your wonderful 75% off items.)

As simple as the party was, the girls seemed to have a great time. Living in North Dallas, venue parties are the norm. We've been to bounce houses, roller skating, pizza places, gymnastics, hair/dress-up parties, even horseback riding. Even with all that, an old-fashioned games and cake at home party won their hearts.

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