Baby's First Car Trip

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Road trips are wonderful with new babies. You can bring along just about everything and the kitchen sink without having to worry about baggage fees. Rest stops give you ample opportunity to breast feed or change a diaper without having to deal with nosy seatmates or cramped bathrooms. We've got a few tips to make your first trip on Route 66 (or whatever highway you map out) a pleasurable ride.

Make sure your car seat was installed properly. Did you know 7 out of 10 children are riding in car seats the wrong way! We review car seats all the time and still make mistakes (for tips go here). Having a pro help you out or double-check your work is a great idea. In NYC, TheCarSeatLady will come to you and for $100 make sure you have all the tethers and LATCHES hooked up correctly. Fire Houses and police departments also hold installation events. Enter your zip code at to find a spot near you.

Make a pledge before you go that you won't text behind the wheel. We support the No Phone Zone--a large-scale effort to honor victims of distracted driving and end the deadly driving habits that kill nearly 6,000 Americans a year. Visit to learn more.Your baby is too precious to send that text. Turn the phone off when driving.

Bring some kid-friendly tunes. We download an ipod mix of show tunes (Mary Poppins anyone?) as well as kiddie favorites from Justin Roberts and Dan Zanes. Even babies know the difference between grown-up music and tunes geared to tots.

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Buy a sun shade. Sun is a bummer when it's ruining nap time. Yes those shades are tacky, but they work. Here's one from Safety First ($10.99).

Make frequent stops--the journey is half the fun. So stop along the way, give baby some tummy time on a cool outdoor blanket like this one from Diaper Dude ($50). Be sure to keep baby's bottom dry and avoid diaper rash.

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