Baby's First Bath

baby's first bath

Mmm. Nothing smells as good as a clean baby. But washing the little ones can be nerve wracking for a new parent. Newborns look preposterously small and they can wriggle all over the place. Navigating baby's first bath just got a little easier thanks to our guide.

Until the umbilical cord falls off, the first few baths will be a simple wash clothe affair. After the momentous event when the stump falls off, the fun really starts. Some parents opt for baby tubs others (count me in here) work with a sink. I cleaned my kitchen sink with a gentle cleanser and then placed a towel in the bottom of the sink so my daughter wouldn't slip around. Baby tubs like the Primo Infant are nice for baby, but a back-breaker for parents that have to lean over a tub.

Before you endeavor to soap up baby gather everything you need and place it near the sink. You won't want to be running around hunting down a towel after you have a wet baby.

You'll need:

  • Towel
  • Soap (we've been liking the honest brand)
  • Wash Cloth (I like the bummas clothes for baby--they are meant for diaper clean up, but the size is perfect for newborns)
  • Rinse cup (Stacking cups are an ideal multipurpose toy)
  • Fresh diaper
  • Lotion

Tip: Dim the lights a bit and play some relaxing music. Pick a warm spot in the house.

Be sure to test the water before baby goes in. Start from the top and talk to baby as you bathe him. It'll be a little treat for both parent and child. Always be sure to support the head and neck as you go. Don't rush and be sure to focus on every little adorable ounce of your baby. Clean the diaper area last. Baby will take his cues for you. If you use a relaxed tone and giggle, he'll know this is meant to be play.

After the bath, place baby on soft dry towel and apply lotion before the skin has a chance to get dry. Let baby enjoy a few moments diaper free (he'll love it!). And don't forget to have someone snap a few pictures. Momtrends note: Bath time is a terrific opportunity for dad bonding.

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