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BabyNes: The Perfect Formula for Worry-Free Infant Feeding

I remember with fondness the special bond of feeding my two older girls when they were infants. I did a combination of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding with both of them. After hearing sweet little baby cries, it felt truly incredible to be able to soothe them with breast milk or formula and then rock them back to sleep. I loved the mother/daughter bond of breastfeeding and I ALSO loved supplementing with formula so that my husband could be involved in the feeding process.

Major babynes infant

After a week of having our little boy home with us, we are settling into the new infant routine. Feed, change diaper, rock, sleep, repeat. Everything feels so instantly familiar.

babynes infant

However, there are a couple of major differences this time! Primarily my two daughters, who are four and six, are taking their new big sister roles VERY seriously. They are so thrilled to be involved in any and every aspect of “parenting.” They are learning how to feed our little guy, and it has been absolutely precious to see their delight as they do so.

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Besides the addition of two little “mommies” to help me with our baby, there is another life-changing aspect of motherhood this time around. Instead of having to do a lot of guesswork to figure out how to supplement breast milk with formula, we have discovered the incredible BabyNes. I am in awe of this product by Gerber and the ease with which we have incorporated this product into our lives!

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Like many moms, I find myself constantly worrying about my baby’s nutrition. Is he getting the right amount and does the formula that we are using to supplement have the correct nutritional content? How do we even know? Something I did not even realize with my first two girls is that breast milk evolves as the baby grows. Gerber has created the BabyNes system to provide formula that evolves right along with breast milk. The formula comes in capsules that are in six separate stages so you know your baby is getting the right nutrition
at the right time. Right now we are still in “Month 1.” With each stage, the amount of proteins, fats, fatty acids, and “good” bacteria changes to mimic breast milk.

babynes infant feeding

Furthermore, the whole system is incredibly user-friendly. For a family like mine where I will feed the baby but so will my husband, mom, mother in law, daughters, and nanny, the ease of this entire system is amazing. The preparation takes one minute, the pods self-filter, delivery time is only two days, and there is a wifi sync to track, share, and re-order.

I am so excited that the BabyNes is a part of our lives as we embark upon this journey of becoming a family of five.

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