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BabyNes: Evolving Nutrition for Your Evolving Little One

Breast is best right? I know I heard that catchy phrase on repeat after having both my babies... From the OB. From the pediatrician. From the lactation consultants who pinched and squeezed and poked and prodded. (TMI?)

It’s true—breast milk is the gold standard. It naturally evolves and changes as your baby grows to meet his or her every nutritional need. So, yeah, it's literally customized and custom made (by you!) for your baby. Mother nature is pretty cool like that.

But for one reason or another, exclusively breastfeeding is not always a plausible option. It wasn't for me. And so I did some breastfeeding and some supplementing, and I felt "okay" about it... after I managed to surmount that giant mountain of self-inflicted mom guilt.

At that time, I had to use regular old-fashioned one-size-fits-all formula-- that's all there was. It was the exact same brand and exact same composition of formula I supplemented with on day one, on day 100, and on day 365.

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Gerber saw a flaw with this equation and an opportunity to create something better for babies--and their moms. BabyNes is a formula modeled after breast milk with a composition that changes at key phases of your infant’s development.

With six stage-based formula capsules, BabyNes ensures that your little one is getting the right nutrition at the right time. And the incredible BabyNes machine allows you to make the "perfect" bottle (the right size at a pre-set temperature) in less than one minute with the simple push of a button.


What's more: the WIFI-enabled BabyNes system syncs with your smart phone so you can track Baby’s nutritional intake, share it with caretakers, and automatically re-order capsules. Because, busy moms have enough on their plates--and mom guilt doesn't need to be a part of the equation. BabyNes nutrition gives moms convenience and peace of mind that they're baby is getting what they need when they need it. Breast may be best... But BabyNes nutrition is as close as it gets.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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