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In many ways NYC is the land of plenty. We're a city that can afford $1000 strollers and cashmere sweaters for baby. With all this wealth we often forget about the poverty in our midst. More than 500,000 families are living below the poverty line in our city and we can make a difference by supporting Baby Buggy.

Since 2001, Baby Buggy has delivered over 4,000,000 essential items to thousands of families through a network of over 50 qualified social service partners (they didn't reinvent the wheel--they simply funnel gear to the neediest folks). Jessica Seinfeld (yep, Jerry's wife) decided to be the conduit and tap her network to gather new and gently used baby gear to families in need. It's a win-win proposition. We moms clear space in our closets and give moms in need a helping hand.

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Last month we took a tour of the Baby Buggy offices. We were so impressed with the facilities--every square inch was packed with well-organized products ready to ship out. No fancy schmancy offices, no plush carpets. The eight staff members are there to maximize every gift and every dollar that finds its way to Baby Buggy.

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What they need: Clothing, baby gear and strollers
The two USED things they can't take: Car seats and cribs (but new items are welcome)
High on the wish list: New breastfeeding supplies and diapers.

How you can help:
Donate your new and gently used items: Ask yourself, "would I pass this item to my girlfriend?" if the answer is yes, bring it on! Call to organize a pick up: 212.736-1777
Host an event: If you are hosting a baby shower have all your guests bring a donation for Baby Buggy.
Attend an event: Thursday, June 3rd is the Annual bedtime bash. More to come on that soon!
Give cash: Baby Buggy uses cash for operations and to supplement the donations with new products, such as diapers and breast pumps.

Check out this youtube clip shot at the offices:

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