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Baby Björn's Spring Collection Inspired by Dads

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Excuse me while I gloat for a minute, and lemme just tell you how lucky I am to have a husband who is both a partner and a co-parent. It's funny, I used to refer to him a "hands-on dad," but I've stopped using that expression... Because it almost infers that most dads aren't—and it's not like I talk about myself as a "hands-on mom!" That would just be silly! Parenting is an equal-opportunity job, and I'm so happy my other half just gets it.

baby bjorn dad stories

We just got back from vacation, where we split the duties (and the diaper doodies!), and it just felt seamless. We were a well-oiled child-rearing machine, in the Florida sunshine among the palms and the Publix. So it was no surprise when, on our last trip to the beach, my man strapped on the Baby Bjorn to carry our little monkey for the short walk.

PSA to all the men out there (ladies, just hand your laptop over!), dads who wear their babies are hot. There, I said it. It's like the most adorable advertisement for fatherhood... ever! And, yes, it's a sexy sight for a mom. But it's also practical and smart and kind and just, well, fair. I mean, why should moms have all the baby-wearing fun?

babybjorn dad stories
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Baby Bjorn has been making carriers for moms and dad for decades. And now they're celebrating men who baby-wear with their spring collection and new #DadStories campaign, where several fathers share intimate anecdotes about their journeys to becoming fathers.

The collection features Baby Bjorn's best-selling Baby Carrier One, in beautiful shades of blue with a modern leaf print (perfect for a tropical beach run!) and the Baby Carrier One Air in three new hues.

The Baby Carrier One allows parents to carry their child comfortably as a newborn up to the age of three. A built-in infant insert, enables you to use the carrier straight from birth and enjoy the all-important closeness with your baby while keeping your hands free for everyday tasks... or sandcastle building! Because, just like Mom, Dad needs to multitask too. The Baby Carrier One is easy to adjust to your growing baby, and once your baby turns one, you can also shift the carrier to your back for better pressure relief.

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Our mini beach babe is very small for her age, and still likes being worn in the front, facing outwards... But once we do transition her to the back, I think she'll enjoy a whole new vantage point... as will I. Like I said, I like watching my man carry his little girl.

This is not a sponsored post. We received a sample for review. All opinions are our own.

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