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Audi Q7 Mom Review

This Audi Q7 Mom Review might be missing some of the tech details you need--but I make up for it focusing on things that matter to me as the captain of the ship. Reading Car & Driver reviews of a 3-row car meant for families is nice, to a point. Let's face it, moms do a lot of driving and they want a female POV when purchasing a car that will serve as home base.

Audi Q7 Mom Review


Let's start with the most fun part of the Audi Q7, it drives like a dream. It's got a six cylinder engine that purred like a kitten up the steep hill to our Connecticut place. The hill is a 10% grade and normally our XC90 sounds very annoyed with us as we take her up the hill. The Q7, has horsepower to spare to get up and down hills. This will come in handy during ski season.

The driver's seat is completely customizable. It only took me a few minutes to get acquainted with where everything is. One cool feature with the Audi is the speed is projected onto the lower left portion of the windshield. No, it's not distracting, in fact, it's incredibly safe to not peer up and down at the dash. And the windshield view also gives you the speed limit--a great feature. This set-up is optional. Take it off if you don't like it.

When it came to stowing all our gear, there was plenty of space. We tried it in two rows and three rows. With three rows in, we still had plenty of space for a big trip to the farmer's market.

audi q7 mom review

Though it's a big car in terms of interior space, it handles like a much smaller cross-over car. There's nothing truck-like about this ride--it's more of a luxury sedan fee. The suspension is fantastic. I sought out potholes and ripped up road in Brooklyn along the BQE to see how the Q7 takes rough patches--she handled it with aplomb. On even the roughest patches of the BQE roadway, the Q7 gave us a smooth ride.


The navigation system (MMI® all-in-touch with handwriting) is based off of drawing the words on a trackpad. It's pretty cool and another reason your kids should learn handwriting. Use your fingers to enter in the destination and off you go. I found the navigation system simple to implement.

It was a snap to get my iPhone connected to the dashboard computer. I was able to get podcasts and spotify set up without even having to read the manual. Score! Smartphone integration is supported by Apple CarPlayTM and Google Android Auto. The Q7 also has a built-in 4G LTE WiFi® hotspot. The kids can surf the web while you listen to TedTalk podcasts. Everyone wins.

The navigation system is excellent. It was, again, easy to set up even without reading the manual (are you sensing a pattern here?). The nav system can also be placed into the readings window of the dashboard.

audi navigation system


One of the main reasons to spend this much on a car is to keep your family safe. The highway is a dangerous place--each year more than 30,000 people are killed in cars. Moms want to do what they can to lower these odds.

We know to use seat belts. We know to put the phone away while driving (find out more about distracted driving here). These are mom-powered decisions.

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Then there's the safety a car manufacturer can provide. We know air-bags save lives--that's a must these days. Audi has employed more technology helping to save lives every day and I'm so glad they are investing technology into safety.

Audi Pre Sense City is the best kind of co-pilot. The Pre Sense City uses the front-facing camera to detect vehicles and pedestrians. This feature warns drivers of potential danger and will event use brake assist to avoid a calamity.

Active Lane Assist might be my favorite safety feature. I do a lot of long drives from NYC to Connecticut and from our CT house to ski races. Often these drives are late at night or early in the morning. I try to NEVER drive when exhausted, but c'mon I'm a working mom. The Active Lane Assist works to keep you safely in your lane. The vehicle uses cameras to observe lane markings. If you drift, you'll see a red line appear and a pull on the wheel to get you back on track. When you are driving perfectly, you'll see green.

If you drive in congested areas, you'll love the Audi adaptive cruise control. It will keep a safe space between vehicles and make stop & go traffic a lot less stressful.


It's a nice looking car isn't it? I liked the lines of the car and how it looked small while being incredibly roomy inside. The extra-long sunroof was also appealing--and a nice feature for those in the backseat to enjoy the rays and breeze. I'm going to say it, this car is much sexier than a minivan. Does that make me a bad person?


As I said, I rarely looked at the driver's manual. Most of the set up was intuitive--that's the way I like it. One of the big issues with the 3-row cars is the access. The third row can be hard to set up, and hard to climb on in. One of my favorite features was the one-touch set up of the third row. Push a button and the back seats fold down or up. In just a few seconds you can fold the seats flat to give you a roomy space for a trip to the market. Headed to the soccer game with extra kids? No problem, push the buttons and the seats pop back up.

Once the seats are set, there's a power-assisted lever to get the second row seat to fold in a jiffy to allow even a grown up to climb into the back.

Let's talk about the third row. No, it's not spacious, but it is thoughtfully designed and comfortable. Most of the time we use the third row for the kids who listen to music or watch a show back there--they don't mind the squish. As for me, I found it fine for a short trip, the seats are actually quite comfortable back there--it's just a space thing.

Check out our video:


When you go to the Audi site the price "starts at" $54,000. Our model had an MSRP of $84,000. That's a lot of wiggle room in between those prices. I'm not sure what features I would let go of. After my two days of driving, I was attached to everything about this car.

Funny, at the beginning of the weekend, Mr.Momtrends and I joked we would never spend $80,000 on a new car (the last car we bought was the 2013 Volvo and that was $50,000+). After driving it, we were both convinced the safety features and the driving experience would tip the scales in favor of spending an additional ten to twenty thousand on a car.

What do you think? As I was testing, many of you tweeted, and commented on instagram and Facebook that you have this care and love it. Let me know if you have an Audi Q7 and which features are indispensable and which you could do without. If you don't own an Audi, would you spend $80,000 on a car?

This is not a sponsored post.

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