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Age Doesn't Define Me

Simply Ageless
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Kids are excellent at spotting hypocrites. When we tell them to put their phones down and spend time with family, they call us on it. I know my girls have made me keenly aware of how and where I check my phone. I know I have been guilty of scrolling through instagram when my daughter is trying to tell me a story about her science experiment. Our kids watch what we do every day when it comes to tech. The same holds true for beauty and body image.

Mr. Momtrends and I want our girls to focus first and foremost on experiences and learning not looks. But you can't get this point across just with words. As a girl mom, I know my tween girls are observing how much time I spend on grooming and fussing over my appearance. They know I color my hair and have a standing appointment for a blow-out each week. But they also know I'm the first one to jump into the pool on a hot day--blow-out or not!

To model the behavior we want them live up to, I've got to be present and focused. I want my girls to see me running a company, empowering my team to have fulfilling careers and produce creative work. I want them to see me focused on fitness goals like running a half marathon and improving my squash game. I don’t want them to witness me criticizing my peers and I don't want them to remember me stepping on the scale and grimacing.

My beauty goal for them is to feel beautiful from within and to make the most of what they've been given. This means I can't fret in front of the mirror or long to be younger. I need to show them that I OWN my age. That doesn't mean going the no make-up route. I’m all for looking my best and then going about the business of living life to it’s fullest.

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Part of playing up your assets, means having the tools to look your best without making a huge time investment. Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless collection is the perfect complement for the life I’m living. My beauty routine only takes a few minutes and lasts all day. I don’t have time to fuss over application or worry about coverage.

I start with the COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless Anti-Aging Foundation Primer. This primer hydrates my skin and hides fine lines while fighting the signs of aging. One color works for everyone.

Next step: COVERGIRL'S Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation.The foundation has B Vitamins and peptides to make the most of your skin, plus it has Olay skin care technology. Open the compact and swish the sponge applicator to get the just right amount. From there, glide the sponge over your skin. Use a light hand for everyday coverage and layer on a bit more for a more elegant look. Don’t worry about overdoing it. The foundation does not sit on your skin--instead it floats on top of your skin giving you a youthful glow. You won’t look fake or stiff, just vibrant. Extra bonus: The foundation has sunscreen has SPF 28 in it (please use as directed)--and since I’m always outside, this is huge!

Thanks to Covergirl and Olay, I’m off to school drop-off with my girls in minutes and my makeup lasts all day--no touch-ups required. I want makeup that is flexible, simple and makes my skin shine through. It’s me on best day, ready for my best day. I’m so excited to share this video that sums up my views on aging and beauty...

I employ all the tricks I’ve learned over the years as a beauty and lifestyle blogger to feel great in the skin I’m in.

Surround yourself with positive people.
Don’t look in the mirror too often (just often enough to make sure you don’t have spinach in your teeth, and that your bra straps don’t show).
Volunteer. There’s nothing like giving back to others to make you feel great.
Exercise. I find everything look sunnier after a 5-mile run.
Play up your assets. Don’t apologize for having great hair, a superb sense of style or a wicked forehand. Own your accomplishments.

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This is a sponsored post. My words are my wisdom, this post is unscripted. I was able to use the product and give my opinions in return for compensation.

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