Adorable Summer Accessories for Baby: Stylish Straw Sun Hats


During the hot summer months, I pretty much wear one of three uniforms every day. It's either: 1. denim shorts with a cute top 2. a breathable cotton dress or 3. a bathing suit and coverup. No matter which of these versatile options I choose, one accessory remains a constant—and that's a straw sun hat. It's a staple in my warm-weather repertoire for a good reason—it protects my eyes and skin. (And the fact that it covers my massive roots and messy mane is added incentive!) Plus, oversize floppy brims add instant glamour to any outfit and make my plain-Jane cotton dresses look effortlessly chic.


Suffice to say, I'm a wide-brim fan... so when I saw miniature versions of my favorite seasonal accessory for Baby Girl, I had to have, well, ALL of them. (I mean... how fancy--even with a side of drool my little lady looks fabulous!)

Just like I have standard summer ensembles, I put my itty-bitty one in pretty simple and standard styles when it's hot-hot-hot outside too. I want her to be comfortable--so we typically keep it casual and cool with bubble rompers and onesies (easy breezy!). Of course, I always put a sun hat on Baby P when we're out and about running errands, or lounging poolside, or going for leisurely strolls around the neighborhood. I want to make sure her delicate young skin is protected and that she stays safe from the harmful UV rays. And the fact that she looks ridiculously, insanely, absolutely adorable in these silly and stylish hats is the ultimate win-win... Like mother, like daughter.

1. Old Navy Straw Ranch Hat, $11/ 2. Janie and Jack Tipped White Straw Hat, $10/ 3. Janie and Jack Blossom Blue Straw Hat, $26/ 4. Janie and Jack Metallic Straw Sun Hat, $22/ 5. H&M Sunflower Straw Hat, $6/ 6. Truly Scrumptious White Straw Hat, $8

final baby straw hats

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