A Minute with Mandy: Are you an "All Star!"?


All Star! Honus Wagner and the Most Famous Baseball Card Ever
by Jane Yolen and Jim Burke
Being a true lover of baseball, (Yankees are my team, but I just love the game) I was excited to see a children's story devoted to the sport. (I also enjoy Jane Yolen...although her recent "Dinosaur" books are somewhat to be desired.) Ms. Yolen is an extremely accomplished writer of adult, youth, and toddler books and this one doesn't fall short of her writing talents.

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It is a rather lengthy book-- there are lots of words on each page, so tiny tykes will have to wait a few years to fully enjoy it. But if your child delights in playing outside, this story will definitely encourage them to pick up a bat, ball, or mitt! The adults reading will appreciate the details of the story and everyone will enjoy learning about "the good ol' days" of America's favorite pastime. Here's an idea: If your little one is still working on hand-eye coordination, help them practice hitting a ball by saving the cardboard tube from a roll of wrapping paper. Let them hit a beach ball or other medium sized ball-- they may even get a home run!

Mandy Gives it: Three Fish!

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1 fish=not worth your time

2 fish=reading it once is enough

3 fish=borrow it don't buy it

4 fish=worthy to add it to your collection

5 fish=classic! buy it for every child you know

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