A Digital Movement #LOVE

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#Love--Why not? Here's a quick, painless way to use social media for good. Today 10.10.10 there's a movement afoot calling for bloggers, and users of facebook, twitter for a day dedicated to positive energy and peace.

Keywords for Change is facilitating a digital theory experiment and conceptual artistic project (very James Franco) by creating an incidence of focused thought and communication on the keyword #LOVE. The 1s and 0s of binary code referenced in the 101010 date makes it a perfect day for an online movement.

Keywords for Change #LOVE project is chiefly inspired by the work of Princeton researcher, Roger D. Nelson, Ph.D. and the Global Consciousness Project, which seeks to measure interactions of global consciousness with physical systems. Keywords for Change will track the results and impact generated by the widespread use of the keyword #LOVE with data visualization and a random number generator on their website. For more information and how to get involved visit www.keywordsforchange.org and follow @KeywordsChange

Keywords for Change is a non-profit organization created to conduct research based in digital theory, keywords, SEO and Collective Intelligence/ Collective Consciousness. Momtrends was not paid for this post.

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