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4 Phone Gadgets to Get Ready for Summer Travels

Summer is just around the corner and wherever you are headed, your phone will likely be along for the ride. Today we're sharing four fun phone gadgets that will get you ready for summer exploring.

4 Phone Gadgets You Need for Summer Travels

Whether you are exploring your local parks and ice cream parlors or heading out of state or country to explore a new place, here are four ways to get your cellphone ready for summer travels.

Charge Everyone Up Wherever You Travel

Charge Your Cell Phone Anywhere

Traveling overseas this summer? Making sure you have the right outlet adapter AND enough of them for the whole family can be a challenge. Not to mention that many outlet adapters include multiple plug pieces that can be a hassle to carry. With these unique twist travel chargers from OneAdaptr, you can ensure that you always have the right adapter and enough plugs for everyone to power up for the next day's adventures. Simple twist the base to raise the right adapter you need. There are no small pieces to keep track of. No fumbling with finding and attaching the right connector. OneAdaptr works in over 150 countries and comes in a variety of sizes based on how many things you need to charge. The simplest TWIST World Adapter DUO has two USB ports and an AC adapter while the larger ones include more USB outlets or even a spot to directly plug in your MacBook cord. BUY: The Grommet

Keeping Your Cellphone Pool-Safe

Waterproof Cellphone case

From trips to the beach to lazy days by the pool, trips to the water park to impromptu water gun fights, summer means mom's cellphone is going to be spending a lot more time around water. You can keep your phone safe from water, drops and scratches with Liquipel's new AquaGuard case, the thinnest waterproof case on the market. All of the protection without all of the bulk of other waterproof cases. The AquadGuard case protects against drops, dust, snow and water - it's submersible up to 26 feet - and is the only case that comes with a year-long phone replacement guarantee if your phone is water damaged while using the case. It's available for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus/ BUY: Amazon

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Save Your Summer Photos (without sacrificing space on your phone!)

Keep Your Summer Photos

Have you had it happen to you? You go to take a photo on your phone and get the dreaded "Insufficient space" pop-up? Nooooo! And before you can delete enough photos (and then delete them from the delete folder - really, why do they make it so hard!) and make some space, the moment is over and you are left photos-less. If you're not signed up for a cloud service that automatically whisks your pictures away, try the compact and portable Picture Keeper Connect. You simply connect it to your iOS or Android phone and download your photos, videos or music to the drive. It's the size of your thumb, lightweight and available in 16, 32, or 64 GB.

And here's another added benefit - with the Picture Keeper Connect you can easily share photos and videos with another phone or computer without internet access and without using any of your data! Just pop the device into someone else's phone and voilà - now grandma has all the pictures from the birthday party on her phone too. Plus, with the free accompanying Picture Keeper Connect app, you can even create custom gifts and prints directly with the photos on your phone! BUY: Amazon

All Your Essentials In One Place

Cell phone case that holds money too

Whether we are exploring a metropolitan city overseas or a mountain hike in a national forest, I try to travel light which means I need my phone, money, credit cards and lip gloss (c'mon, I'm only human!). With this combo cell phone case and built-in wallet, I can carry nearly all of my essentials in one convenient case. This case can comfortably hold up to three credit cards and cash, has a kickstand for watching videos, and a rubber coating so it won't slip out of my pocket. Plus, while it doesn't hold my lip gloss, it does have an enclosed mirror! BUY: Amazon

Happy travels!

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