3 Ways to Get Softer Hair


When it comes to getting softer hair the key is always moisturizing it. The drier and courser your hair is, the harder it is to achieve the soft feel you're after. And with dry winter weather on its way, it's going to get even harder. I'm not just talking about soft, sleek styles. While I do like to straighten my hair every once and a while, I'm more likely to rock my natural crazy waves/curls. They're just more me, but that natural texture of mine simply looks better when my tresses are good and hydrated which is key to getting softer hair. So, I've rounded up a few of my favorite ways moisturize your main...


Conditioning spray...This product is an instant fix kinda product. A few spritzes and your hair will look instantly healthier. It's anti-aging care for your hair. By smoothing down your dry, brittle strands, it gives your mane a younger, more lustrous appearance! You can use it alone and just scrunch it into your waves / curls or you can apply it before your favorite heat styling product.


Detangler...Brushing wet hair when it's not properly conditioned is a no no. I'm not above using a detangling product (that's made for both mamas and kiddos) on my hair. The vitamins B5 and E and almond air in this one make it super conditioning. You want your brush to literally glide through your hair. You don't want to have to yank it through. Am I right?


Hair mask...I use a good hair mask at least once a week, and often more than once. It really gets in there and gives my dry, course hair the deep moisturization it needs. You can, of course, pick one up (and I included one of my favorites in my shop the beauty tips section below), but you can also make your own. This DIY hair mask is super easy to whip up!

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