Keeping Our Summer Hair Healthy, Bright, and Beautiful With Fairy Tales

fairy tales shampoo

I’m jealous of my son’s hair color… He’s got the most gorgeous blond locks. Seriously, I’d pay good money for that hue. I do pay good money for it. “Give me the 'Grant'—and throw in a few subtle low lights!”

His shaggy cool-dude surfer-inspired “do” is pretty amazing too. I keep his hair long-ish, which means it needs frequent washing to stay clean, shiny, and sweet-smelling.

That’s why I love Fairy Tales Hair Care. I trust the mom-owned brand and like that the products are healthier, more natural, and effective.

FT Lemon-Aid

Fairy Tales recently updated a few of their formulas to further drive its mission to provide safer products. And so they’ve taken out the bad stuff—you won’t find any sulfates, harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, or parabens in any of their skews. And they’ve gone even further to remove gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts from everything.

I discovered Fairy Tales, whilst searching for a kid-friendly shampoo that would stand up to strong public-pool chemicals. My son was starting swim lessons, and I didn’t want the constant chlorine exposure to harm his healthy hair. I found the new and improved Sun and Swim line, and was instantly sold. It deep cleans sun-damaged hair with natural fruit extracts, like orange flower, grapefruit, aloe, pineapple, and lemon peel to gently remove “green” chlorine sea salts and minerals. (We’re big beach-and-pool bums—so this will be the only shampoo and conditioning pair our family will be using this summer!) It keeps Grant’s perfectly natural blond hair—well, perfect. And it keeps my imperfectly unnatural blond hair—looking as good as the day I left the salon! Plus, the whole line smells like lemonade and summer.

Now that I’ve found a shampoo that meets our summer needs, I’m excited to try a few more products from Fairy Tales. The No More Knots Super Charge line will be perfect for those days when my son wakes up with a serious case of bed head. (Or, you know, when I’ve forgotten to shower for three days straight and wake up with a bird’s nest on my head.) The shampoo, conditioner, and spray condition, moisturize, and detangle, resulting in silky smooth hair. It’s the only children’s hair-care product that contains natural Keratin extracts. In other words, I may have to keep this one all for myself!

rosemary repel

Of course, when the dreaded case of lice appears out of nowhere at my son’s preschool, I will religiously use the Rosemary Repel line. The proprietary blend of organic rosemary, citronella, tea tree, and geranium oils are clinically proven to effectively help prevent lice, while sugar cane, chamomile, and jojoba hydrate and sooth the scalp. (Yes, this is a care-package must if your kids go to sleep-away camp.)

For now, though, you’ll find us at the beach with our Fairy Tales in tow. We’ll be the family that smells like lemonade.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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