Sitters Studio Review

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Sitters Studio to the rescue. Want a highly qualified, high energy, trustworthy sitter? Don’t we all. We can highly recommend sitter studio for your regular and last minute needs. We met our first “Sitters Studio” sitter at a palydate. Let’s call her Cindy. Cindy is a sitter our friend uses them regularly and I was wowed with her professionalism and energy and asked if she was a regular nanny (I wasn’t poaching I swear! Just investigating). Cindy told me about her the company that employs her.

Sitters Studio is all about finding "artist babysitters"--they hire these talented folks to give them the freedom to pursue their dreams while sharing their artistic gifts with children. The sitters earn good cash and can change availability as gigs come along. They call it "ARTISITTING" and they do it by seeking out artistic young women (and men-but I didn't meet any) from NYC (dancers, actors, visual artist). The sitters need cash to pay the bills but also want to pursue their gifts. Sitters Studio doesn't want flakes though. They hunt down the most reliable artists ever. How? They put potential sitters through a grueling interview process (think 7 rounds of interviews) and then train the heck out of them.

The sitters are deployed on regular gigs and also last minute assignments. They always give the parents a detailed report of the babysitting session. Take a look at ours:

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And they always bring a craft to keep the kids entertained. We were thrilled with our test run with Sitter Studios Our sitter, we’ll call her Beth, showed up 5 minutes early, was super professional and fun! Beth and our girls made adorable elf hats and even got my littlest to eat some veggies (quite a feat). We’ll be adding them to our google contacts for sure.

The details:

Hourly rates vary by the time and number of kids. 

There is a 4 hour minimum.

Hourly booking rate and cancellation fees will be charged to the credit card provided at time of booking.

48-hour cancellation policy.


Momtrends was not paid for this post, we did get a free 4-hour session to try our the service.

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