Play-Doh: A Perfect Present


Great Gift #15

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Smell that? Yep its the distinct salty-yeasty aroma of Play-Doh. Irresistible to kids and grownups alike. Believe it or not, this amazing toy celebrated its 50th birthday last year.

One of my favorite new Play-Doh concoctions is this amazing Super Craft Caddy. It's packed with enough activities to keep your preschoolers entertained all winter long. Kids will flock to this portable craft center. It holds eight tubs of Play-Doh and a slew of toys (molds, rollers and special scissors) to make crafting easy, safe and fun. Sample projects include: bead making, cake decorating, stained glass and sand art. Cake making was a hit at our house--we loved the frosting press and I was thrilled that this icing didn't have any sugar in it.

To contain the creative energy, Play-Doh has included clean-up tools and parents will sing the praises of the huge floor mat--it helps control the mess. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers this toy should be a staple in your home and a prominent gift under the tree. $19.99

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