Obsessive About Handwipes

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You will probably never find me without handwipes or hand sanitizer. I live in a filthy city. Need evidence? Check out the rat. This was not taken at midnight in a deserted station. No this was noon at Grand Central last week. Ick. When the folks at Motif offered to send wipes for me to test, I said, "Y.E.S."

Now these aren't wipes meant to clean up PB & J (though they are equal to the task). Motif wipes are for grown ups. I packed them in my bag last week, and whenever I exited the subway or another gnarly public space, I used these to freshen up. They smell delightful (with combos, such as citrus and pear)--and the scent doesn't liger too long. Just enough to feel invigorated. Sorry about the gross picture, but I need to illustrate my point, that you can't be too careful.

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Packs of 15 wipes include aloe so you won't get dry. You can find Motif wipes at Target ($1.49).

Momtrends was not paid for this review. Products were for testing purposes only.

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