Jamie Oliver School Lunch Revolution

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School lunches can be horrid. Celeb chef, Jamie Oliver is on a mission to change trays that look like this one. When he's not working on Jamie Oliver'??s Food Revolution (his ABC show) this dad is using his power to change the world. I agree with Jamie: our country relies too much on processed and fast food.

This has become more evident as obesity, heart disease and diabetes threaten to create the first generation of children with shorter life expectancies than their parents.

Jamie'??s Food Revolution aims to educate Americans'??by helping them learn to cook. Over the years, Jamie says that he'??s '??consistently observed the most radical, inspiring and completely emotional changes, simply through showing people how to cook a handful of meals.'? Jamie's posted a slew of recipes on his site. For beginning chefs, why not tackle the classic Mac N Cheese without the help of Kraft? Here's his homemade version.

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But it'??s not just about the show and cooking. To continue to spread the momentum and to show that people care about the importance of promoting healthy food and cooking skills for children, Jamie has created an online petition which he plans to present to the White House: www.JamiesFoodRevolution.com/petition.

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So far more almost 600,000 people have signed the petition and I am one of them. I want all children to be given the gift of nutritious lunches so they can focus on educating their bodies and minds. While I may be in the home stretch of packing my daughter's lunch, I won't take a break this summer from caring deeply about nutrition.

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