DIY Sweet Easter Crafts and Goodies

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easy easter crafts

Here are some of our favorite Easter Crafts and Goodies. Where does Momtrends go for sugar free Easter goodies? We check out our favorite blogs to come up with ideas. For Easter we love to get crafty and think up ideas for the kids to get creative and celebrate the arrival of spring.

If you are the crafty type, we've rounded up a few favorite Easter crafts.

bunny envelop from Martha Stewart

Bunny envelop via Martha Stewart this is ideal for a party at pre-school or a family get-together. It's a great alternative to a basket and doesn't require as much candy as a basket. Crafting supplies are minimal

easter garland

Easter Egg garland via use paint chips to create this banner to welcome the bunny. It's easy to make and kids can pitch in on this DIY project.

candy bunny pouch

Felted Candy ouch via Isn't this the sweetest? Fill it up with jelly beans and you've got a great treat from the Easter Bunny.


Felted finger puppets via PurlSoho. This one requires a bit more skill, but the results are adorable. Sewing required.

construction paper bunny craft

And as for the paper bunnies, I'm stumped! I think you could create this with googly eyes, glue and construction paper.

easter treats, easter crafts, cool easter egg dying

For the ombre egg centerpiece select dye and about 18 eggs. Add all the eggs into the dye. remove eggs 3 at a time about 5 minutes apart to create different color intensity. Repeat with as many colors are you wish. I put together this video to show you how easy it is to create this centerpiece. I wish I had dyed the eggs a bit more to make the colors more intense.

Now you've got some great Easter ideas. It's a fabulous holiday--celebrating family and the renewal of life. You don't have to spend a ton on this holiday. It's about food, family and fun. I hope you get crafty. Let me know if you try any of these ideas.

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