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Three Problem-Solving Brands for Mom & Baby

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Parenting is basically non-stop problem solving.

From day one, as a new mom, you react to crying and fussing and whimpering and grunting with all sorts of creative tactics and simple strategies. You coo, you rock, you tap, you pace, and you try countless new things until something (ANYTHING!) finally works to soothe your newbie bundle of love.

Same goes for products. Basic bottle giving Little Muffin too much gas? Try an anti-colic version! Bouncer not bouncy enough for your bubbly babe? There's always another model on the market. Pureed bebe food not textured enough for your mini foodie? Make your own gourmet blends.

See that?... You've got a problem, you'll find a solution. It's what we do. It's called #Parenthood.

Of course, it's even sweeter when someone else does the problem-solving hard work for you. And that's where we come in! Momtrends has been in the baby biz for years now, and we love nothing more than dropping some knowledge and sharing a good solution or two with all the mamas out there. (You can check out our 2017 #MTBabyShower and giveaway HERE for more must-haves!)



You know in the hospital when the nurse delivers yours baby from the infant nursery, and he's swaddled like a little itty bitty burrito? Yeah, those professionals can work some serous magic with a starchy blanket, but we found an even better solution. (And, no, it's not taking the nurse home with you.)

Traditional swaddles restrict baby's arms, leaving him unable to touch his face or suck his tiny paws. But studies show that babies who are able to do these very small self-soothing actions sleep better. Therein lies the puzzle.

And the answer? Love to Dream has created a line of safe and intuitive sleep-solution products to help Baby, Mommy, and the whole family sleep better.

The Love to Dream Swaddle Up positions Baby with his arms up, giving him access to his face and mouth while still giving him that cozy, secure feeling of being swaddled, but with plenty of kicking room from the hip down, reducing any risk of hip dysplasia. It is reassuring for parents to know that there is no risk for the swaddle to unravel in the middle of the night,. What parents love is that you swaddle right EVERY TIME, and there is never any concern of swaddling too loose or too tight. While the design might initially seem counterintuitive, it's actually the opposite. Doctors recommend that all babies should be put on their backs to sleep, and most babies' natural sleep position is, in fact, on their backs, with arms UP.


The Swaddle UP Original can be used from birth until Baby shows signs of rolling over. Once that milestone comes, you'll want to switch to the Swaddle UP 50/50. Featuring, zip-off wings on each side, it allows you to slowly graduate from swaddling without disturbing the established sleep pattern. The 50/50 allows for a more gentle transition from swaddling (from Love To Dream’s Swaddle UP or any other swaddle) to “arms free” sleep. Many parents choose to take one wing off while baby is sleeping and then wait a few days to take the other wing off, again during sleep. Baby will wake up with full arm freedom.


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Available in designer prints like "Starry Night" and "Kisses" you can also get fuzzy and snuggly Winter-Warm swaddles for winter nights, made with warm, soft bamboo quilting, making it a perfect wearable blanket. Of course, both the Original and the 50/50 have two-way zippers, enabling you to change diapers without waking baby--because that's another problem you no longer need to find a solution for! It's been done for you!

dekor pail


Spoiler alert: We're not able to solve your Baby's stinky diaper problem. (Sorry.) Wet and soiled and super-smelly diapers go with the parenting territory. And we wouldn't want to rob you of the full, eh-hem, fragrant experience.

But we will help make your nursery and house smell diaper-free with some assistance from Diaper Dékor, the makers of the easiest diaper-disposal system on the market. It's just a stop, drop, and done; which means there's no bending, twisting, or squishing required and all you need is one free hand --because, you're probably already juggling babies and diapers and wipes and creams. A continuous liner makes it super-easy to use, and the child-proof features ensure only diapers make it into the system.

Best of all, the OdorKeeper™ Trap Door with dual rubber seals won’t absorb any smell, so you don't have to worry about your nursery, bedroom, or home smelling anything less than fresh.

The Dékor system is also great for cloth diapers, with a high quality waterproof, machine washable cloth liner, sold separately, with two bags in the box (one for the diaper pail and an extra so you always have one ready to go!).



When Baby is first born you think you have "forever" until you have to worry about your little one crawling and pulling up and walking. And, yes, you likely have a few months... but that time will fly--even if it doesn't feel that when you're doing your millionth feeding at 4 in the morning.

Nest now and set yourself up for safety and success... before Baby starts raiding the cabinets under your sink!

We're excited to share that Qdos has created a new, innovative home safety line to help keep children truly safe in their own homes.


Chock full of easy to install, safe, and aesthetically pleasing safety products, including the functional and fashionable Crystal and Spectrum baby gates, Qdos gives parents peace of mind that their homes are safe sanctuaries.

And there you have it. Three common parenting problems solved. Now go head on over to our Ultimate Baby Shower and giveaway to enter to win a bunch of amazing prizes!

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