Get Peloton Bike for Less

Get Peloton Bike for Less

Are you an indoor cycling girl? I love a good cardio-pumping ride at a cycling studio. But as a mom who works outside the home and manages her family, I can't normally make a ride at Soul Cycle. The times and locations don't always work with my schedule. That's why I've been intrigued with the Peloton bikes. I could get an amazing workout in my home, the trouble was the price tag - $2000+ seems steep! There's good news, the award-winning Peloton bike is now available for under $100 a month.

Last week, Peloton announced a new innovative financing program. To find out more, I took Mr. Momtrends for a spin. He'd never been to Peloton before. As an avid road cyclist he's dismissed the indoor cycling workouts. Peloton totally changed his mind.

Join studio cycling classes from your home

Soul Cycle may have started the cycling trend, but they didn't perfect it. There was plenty of room for other types of indoor cycling workouts. Peloton came along in 2012. They did things differently. With less focus on spirituality and female empowerment, they took a much more athletic stance on what an indoor cycling workout should be.

They also realized many of us want to be fit, but can't always get to that studio. Hey, as a Mom Boss, I have a lot of things to fit into my days. With instant access to classes, Peloton is changing the way people get fit.

The workout is amazing. The high-tech bike can show you how hard you are working. It's up to you to get the best workout possible, with other studios, you have to guess your resistance, at Peloton, there's no faking it. I can also see the resistance and my total output of energy. It's wonderfully motivating - there's also the real-time leaderboard, if you want to get those competitive juices flowing, this is the place!

The bike I ride at the studio, is the bike I could have at home. The Peloton team will come to my house and set it up and I, then, schedule a workout that works for me! With the bike, I get unlimited live and on-demand classes. There are tons of workouts to pick from - more than 6,000 workouts are in the library. I also have the option to join a LIVE class in the Peloton studio. It's all up to me to pick the when; the where is all taken care of!

Peloton Bike In home workout

Get Peloton Bike for Less

It's exciting that for the first time, Peloton is offering fit moms like me a way to purchase the Peloton bike, for the starting price of $97 a month for 39 months or 12 months starting at $227 per month.

Here's how it works: the program is offered by Synchrony Financial. I wouldn't have to put any money down. Financing is pretty awesome there is a zero percent APR.

“We know that millions of people are interested in owning a Peloton bike and becoming part of the Peloton community,” said William Lynch, President of Peloton. “We also know that for many families, budgeting for mortgages, family obligations and other financial commitments can make paying $1,995 up-front for fitness equipment a challenge. We launched this new purchase option because we wanted to make Peloton’s unparalleled fitness experience more accessible to a broader population.”

Maybe this is on your Christmas list as it's on mine. I have been very good and I hope Santa takes advantage of this deal to put it under my tree!

Peloton is sold online and in their showrooms across the country. For more information, visit:

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