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Cute Essential Oil Diffuser

Cute Essential Oil Diffuser

The essential oil trend isn't going away any time soon. As moms, we know we need to model healthy behavior. I try to be more mindful and practice self-care to show my girls what it means to be truly healthy. I'm trying to find time for yoga, meditation or heck, just a few minutes of intentional breathing. Essential oils are a way to bring a touch of mindfulness into my everyday life. In fact, here at Momtrends HQ, we've named our favorite essential oil diffuser --this rose gold model from Gurunanda.

Setting up the Gurunanda Essential Oil Diffuser

Since just about everyone I know is stretched thin for time, we all skimp on spending time on ourselves. As a Mom Boss, I know that I have to make choices about where I spend my time. When I find something that doesn't take a ton of time to implement, but gives me a good return on investment I feel like I am winning this mom business.

This diffuser couldn't be easier to operate This GuruNanda essential oil diffuser is so easy to set up. Simply take it out the package and in a few minutes you are getting the benefits of aromatherapy.

Check out our video on this Cute Essential Oil Diffuser

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Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser

In just minutes our space was filled with a lovely fragrance. The unit I tested barely makes any noise and it helps to humidify our work space. This cute essential oil diffuser is a great gift for teens and tweens - it's much safer than scented candles AND it cycles through an array of colors. Way cooler than the lava lamps that are so trendy.

Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser

As far as diffusers go, this rose gold one is both stylish and effective. The sleek, modern design works in bedrooms, offices and any living space that needs some zen.

Get started with your essential oil journey with this great set that also comes with two essential oils. Buy the Rose Gold cute essential oil diffuser on Amazon.

Rose Gold Essential Oil Diffuser

This is Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser post is not paid. We were given a sample for testing.

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