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Sleek iPhone Cases from CM4

Q Collage

I have some of the most amazing small clutches. Ranging from my grandma's styles from the '50s to the recent popup shop by Kirna Zabete (I bought the small pill box) at Target, one thing they all have in common is...I can never shut them when I have my iPhone in there. Oh sure, when I take my giant Otterbox case off, it fits fine. But then my phone is all...naked. And you know that will be the one time that I nervously pop my bag open to get my business card to hand to a big-shot editor at a cocktail party and...crash...there goes the naked iPhone onto the ground. #shameonme #waytoimpress That's why I'm loving these sleek iPhone cases from CM4.

My husband came home last month with a great phone case that had a hidden wallet in it. Problem: it was ugly. Very bulky, plastic, etc. You might as well have been carrying your wallet, dude. Besides, I was looking for something with a little more style, thank you. Something that was thin enough for me to pack into my tiny and chic bags, while also keeping my cards and cash accessible minus a big chunky wallet. Oh and protection. My poor naked iPhone needs to be protected. What do you mean I'm asking too much?

CM4 doesn't think I am. With its new Q Card Case I can pack only my phone, three cards (think ID, credit card and debit card) and cash together. Just think how much room that leaves in our purse or baby bag for other necessities (like lipstick...let's not forget the lipstick).

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It's made for iPhone 4/4S (those of you standing in line for the 5 this month are SOL) and is in soft-touch rubber and premium fabric (dare I say it looks like grained leather?), so it looks stylish while also being able to be wiped clean. The case is available in black onyx, pearl white, pacific green, and pink sapphire. You don't have to be a genius to figure out which color I grabbed up.

One nice touch that I haven't seen elsewhere in wallet cases, there's a little cut-out that helps you push out your cards so you aren't digging them out and stretching the fabric pocket. The window for the camera is also very wide, something I was happy to discover after another wallet case I tried made all my photos pink because the flash reflected off the too-close case.

Now I can carry all my cards and my phone in a super thin all-in-one case. My husband can lose his wallet and use the Q. I however can now buy more purses because I use the Q. Ironic, isn't it. It's all part of staying organized for mom life.

CR4's Q Case is available for $39.99 at

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