Hospital Glamour: Tips, Advice and the Best Clothing


Packing for the hospital isn't easy. With two c-sections, I spent about eight nights in the hospital in total and when I graduated from hospital gown to nightgown, I was happy I had brought my own from home. But, when my visitors started to arrive and pictures were snapped, I wished I had brought a nicer bathrobe and nightgown, something that made me feel a little less... well, yucky. That's where hospital glamour comes in.

I'm not going to lie to you. I was big. I was moody. I was unwashed. I felt ugly. You're not supposed to say that. You're not supposed to think that. You just had a beautiful, healthy baby. Who cares about you? But, you do care.

My advice is to pick a nightgown and robe that you love. You should feel special when you pick it out, when you touch the fabric and when you put it on. The cost is worth it. Just remember how much money you spent on your wedding dress! Feeling glamorous in the hospital might be a lot to ask, but feeling pretty is possible. Even with all those nurses prodding you and even when you're eating hospital food.


Pick a lightweight robe, so you can wear it even if the hospital cranks up the heat. Get one that is also meant for pregnant women because your tummy will still be very big. The Belabumbum Lotus Maternity Robe is pretty and practical. The double tie on the robe keeps the robe in place when family visits and the stretchy fabric is perfect for before and after the baby.

The 9 Fashion Nelly Sleeping Maternity Nursing Shirt looks cute without exposing too much. Easy for nursing and as comfortable as a long t-shirt, this sleeping shirt will be your favorite.

If I had to do it again, I would buy a nightgown and robe that lifted my spirits out of the hospital and reminded me of our clean and lovely nursery waiting at home. I will never forget those first few days with my baby and those photos are there to remind me!


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