Coolest Camper Ever

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Thanks to the EarthRoamer, even the fussiest mom could imagine camping this summer. Designed for up to four people this built from a basic Ford 550 model and then souped up. When set up as a camper it has 6' 5" stand-up height in camper and a California King-size over-cab bunk.

Yes, it will require fuel, but we love these green feautres. The Roamer is self-contained and not dependent on external water or power hookups. The car's batteries are charged by rooftop solar panels and dual engine alternators while driving.

The Roamer's got a shower, highly efficient kitchen and a cassette toilet waste handling system. There's a 85 gallon water tank--hello hot shower after a long hike!

What's it going to cost? Completed 2011 EarthRoamer XV-LTs range from around $225,000 to over $300,000 depending on options chosen and custom work. And you'll need to be patient. They typically have a backlog of 4-6 months.Head to for more details.

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