Keep Warm and Dry in an Under the Weather SportsPod

Spring has arrived, and that means one thing for families: it's sports season! 

Soccer, baseball, lacrosse--our kids are spending their afternoons and weekend mornings throwing and kicking and hitting and enjoying the outdoors, with a healthy dose of friendly competition.  

Of course despite the projected forecast, Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate. Just last weekend, I found myself, sweatshirt on, hood up, shivering on metal bleachers with cold rain droplets making me wet and uncomfortable. Alas, I had to see my super star baseball Kindergarten cub in action, and "the game must go on," so what else was I do to?

Turns out, there is a simple solution for foul-weather sports days... And, no, it's not staying home!


Under the Weather SportsPods are lightweight, easy to carry, pop-up personal tents made for the on-the-go #sportsmoms (and #sportsdad!) lifestyle. In fact, this nifty outdoor essential was invented by a dad who, along with his wife, was committed to attending every game--despite sleet, wind, rain, and plummeting temps. (No one is as devoted as a sports parent!)


The pod pops-up and folds down in seconds and comes in a circular bag which you can keep in your car to grab at your convenience. Water and wind-proof, each pod is treated with a coating that helps prevents the harmful rays of the sun from reaching you, but still features three transparent sides so you can see everything happening and root for your fave team. 

We took one to a soccer game on a particularly chilly day recently, and it was a hit. Not only did we stay comfy, cozy, dry, and toasty, every other spectator wanted in! (Sorry, folks... BYOPod.)


It should be noted that you do need your own chair. A simple slim folding beach or soccer chair will do, and, voila, you're in business. Speaking of business, you could peacefully reply to emails, do some work, or read a book from your very own outdoor cubicle. You can even set kids up to play video games (great for antsy siblings). Better yet, the MyPod tents connect so you can create your own cozy canopied cheering section or offer shelter to the entire team-- could've used that at the baseball game when those cold droplets turned into buckets!


In fact, we'll be keeping our Under the Weather pod in the car for next time... and for any other outdoor event when the weather might turn hairy--alfresco concerts, tailgating events, and every. single. upcoming. game! You never know when bad weather might strike.... or when you'll want a little peace and privacy in your portable office.

We are giving an Under the Weather pod away! Enter via rafflecopter, below!

Available at, $70 - 200.


This is not a sponsored post. We received samples to review. All opinions are our own.

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