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Seems like my timing is excellent: I got a new bike during National Bike Month. In honor of this celebration of fitness and fun, I'm sharing some women's bike riding tips for new riders. 

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Women's Bike Riding Tips for New Riders

Dr. Richard Ezgur, DC offers these riding tips to make your time on the road safer and more enjoyable.

  • To prevent knee pain, keep your cadence high - about 80-100 RPM.
  • Change gears when appropriate - lower for uphill to maintain proper cadence.
  • As a beginner, you may find that you'll want your handlebars higher, but as you grow accustomed to riding, you will be able to tolerate a lower handlebar position.
  • To avoid neck, shoulder, wrist, and hand pain and numbness, use padded gloves, change your hand positions often, and keep your elbows unlocked and loose.
  • Warm up before riding by starting out at an easy pace with easy resistance, and then stretch after riding.
  • If increasing your mileage to complete, for example, a century ride, do so gradually over a period of several months.
  • Educate yourself about proper nutrition and especially be sure to drink enough water, and sports drinks when riding for more than two hours.

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Women's Bike Riding Tips for New Riders


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