Here's why I shop running brands that support girls and women: As a female consumer it's the only way to change the dynamic. Gah! Once again, there was a Nike scandal. Distance runner and child phenom, Mary Cain, came forward to talk about her abuse under her Nike coach, Alberto Salazar. This isn't the first time I've looked at Nike's practices critically. It's a bummer that large brands don't want to create safe and supportive communities for women. But hey friends, I'm an optimist. Instead of expecting Nike to listen, I'm looking to affect change with my voice and my wallet. 

Read about how we can change girls' sports.

Shop Oiselle Running Brands that Support Girls

Why I Shop Running Brands that Support Women and Girls

During the last dust-up over Nike, I saw Sally Bergeson popping up on my twitter feed. She's the Founder of a brand called Oiselle. I didn't know her, or the brand, but after a little digging I loved what I was reading. Oiselle is a brand FOR women made BY women (it's like my love of Skea ski gear for women). They sponsor athletes and support our community from the inside out. Oiselle offered me a fresh take on women's running apparel. I was eager to wear a brand that I can feel good about. 

I say: Put your money where your heart is. 

I needed winter running tights, normally I'd shop Lululemon or New Balance, but I decided to give Oiselle a try. I ordered a winter running outfit and then gave them a few test runs in Vail, Colorado.

Why I Shop Running Brands that Support Women

What I'm wearing from Oiselle

My love for turtlenecks has no equal. I wear them all winter long. And when I saw this Lux Mile One Pullover I knew it had to be mine. Something about a high neck makes me feel cozy and warm -- even on the coldest runs. This silhouette has been in the Oiselle line for years, it's easy to layer and the colors are divine. 

In fact, I could easily wear this top to work. It's that cute. But the tech fabric means it can keep my body at the right temperature during winter runs. 

What I’d update: add a thumbhole on the sleeve

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Shop the Lux Mile One Pullover from Oiselle here ($82)

Oiselle Winter Running Tights

I needed winter running tights (I run outdoors all winter long, even in Vermont). I picked the Flyout Tight. Oiselle says it's the warmest tight they make. 

Made from jacket-weight Polartec, the fabric feels snug and supportive, with just enough compression. There are two large side pockets, I find them a bit superfluous, but you CAN fit a phone in it.  I love them for running, but I also adore them for hiking and I'll try them out for cross country skiing this winter. 

What I’d update: the length. At 5’7” 125, I think I’m an average size (maybe on the thin side) runner. I have to believe there are other women who struggle with the length (they say a size 4 has a 25" inseam). My ankles are exposed -- not what you want from a winter tight. I solved the problem with wool socks.

Shop the Flyout Tight here ($98)

Put your money where your heart is

Overall, I'm thrilled to find this new-to-me brand. I'll continue to support brands like Oiselle that support women. Oiselle is a running brand that can make this running mama feel supported from the inside out.

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Why I Shop Running Brands that Support Women

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